Company History
I. Startup and development: [1986-2010] Rise up in the street, grow up amidst self-reliance, to complete the existing industrial layout. 
In 1986, started up business in Longguan Village.
25-year-old Zheng Jianjiang took initiative to contract the Longguan Watch Parts Factory on the verge of bankruptcy, and started up business.
In 1989, joined in meter industry, then founded the SANXING brand
Grown by 500 times in three years, with the national crown of electric energy meter; currently a leading provider of overall intelligent power distribution solutions.
In 1994, joined in air-conditioner industry, and founded the AUX brand.
Grown by 1000 times in five years, as the Top 4 in national air-conditioner industry; currently Top 3 in Chinese air-conditioner industry.
In 2000, joined in real estate industry
Deployed in more than 10 cities, and now become a multi-business and comprehensive real estate developer.
In 2006, with operation of Zhejiang University Mingzhou Hospital, medical industry started development
Explored the special way for private capitals to run hospital over 10 years, as a pioneer and cross-border representative of running hospital in society.
In 2009, joined in financial industry
Established Huijin Small Loan Company, and involved in shareholding of three banks.
II. Transformation and future: [2011-present] Unveiled ideological, industrial and capital transformation.
In 2011, SANXING Electric (601567) was listed on the Shanghai Main Board, and later renamed “Samsung Medical”.
In 2012, founded research institutes in Hangzhou and Ningbo, to promote research and application of smart electric grid and smart home appliance technologies.
In 2013, established financial center in Shanghai, for financial leasing business.
In 2014, founded medical group, to fully deploy healthcare strategy.
In 2015, set up overseas factories in Brazil and Indonesia, developed overseas real estate in Australia, and acquired Hong Kong stock renamed as AUX International (02080).
In 2016, with air-conditioner scale ranking No.3 in the industry, built a smart home appliance export production base.
In 2017, established Maanshan Smart Home Air-conditioner Industrial Park, made inroads into the kitchen electric appliance industry, and expanded medical rehabilitation chain hospitals.
In 2018, launched X strategy, built smart home appliance production base in Thailand and Zhengzhou, committed to creating Japanese R&D center into global home appliance R&D highland.