Company History
Company History  
I. Startup and development: [1986-2010]
 Rise up in the street, grow up amidst self-reliance, to complete the existing industrial layout. 
1986  |  Started up business in Longguan Village.
25-year-old Zheng Jianjiang took initiative to contract the Longguan Watch Parts Factory on the verge of bankruptcy, and started up business.
1989  |  Joined in meter industry, then founded the SANXING brand.
Grown by 500 times in three years, with the national crown of electric energy meter; currently a leading provider of overall intelligent power distribution solutions.
1994  |  Joined in air-conditioner industry, and founded the AUX brand. 
Grown by 1000 times in five years, as the Top 4 in national air-conditioner industry; currently Top 3 in Chinese air-conditioner industry.
2000  |  Joined in real estate industry.
Deployed in more than 10 cities, and now become a multi-business and comprehensive real estate developer.
2006  |  With operation of Zhejiang University Mingzhou Hospital, medical industry started development.
Explored the special way for private capitals to run hospital over 10 years, as a pioneer and cross-border representative of running hospital in society.
2009  |  Joined in financial industry
Established Huijin Small Loan Company, and involved in shareholding of three banks.
II. Transformation and future: [2011-present] 
Unveiled ideological, industrial and capital transformation.
2011  |  SANXING Electric (601567) was listed on the Shanghai Main Board, and later renamed “Samsung Medical”.
2012  |  Founded research institutes in Hangzhou and Ningbo, to promote research and application of smart electric grid and smart home appliance technologies.
2013  |  Established financial center in Shanghai, for financial leasing business.
2014   Founded medical group, to fully deploy healthcare strategy.
2015  |  Set up overseas factories in Brazil and Indonesia, developed overseas real estate in Australia, and acquired Hong Kong stock renamed as AUX International (02080).
2016  |  With air-conditioner scale ranking No.3 in the industry, built a smart home appliance export production base.
2017  |  Established Maanshan Smart Home Air-conditioner Industrial Park, made inroads into the kitchen electric appliance industry, and expanded medical rehabilitation chain hospitals.
2018  |  Launched X strategy, built smart home appliance production base in Thailand and Zhengzhou, committed to creating Japanese R&D center into global home appliance R&D highland.
2019  |  Intiate "Online Direct Sales" in Air Conditioner industry; Thailand production base put into operation in Aug.
2020  |  Zhengzhou intelligent home appliances manufacturing base project started.
2021  |  To expand the layout of new energy, electric energy industry has built up oversea factories in Poland.