Enterprise Social Responsibility
From 1994
till now
The amount volume accumulated to 276 million Yuan that was donated to the charitable causes.
The needy

Establishing a 10 million Yuan named charity fund to support people’s livelihood development of Jinzhou

Donate 0.5 million Yuan to Jinggangshan old revolutionary area in Jiangxi to support its building

Donate over 2 million Yuan to Honored Enterprise Promotion Agency successively and over 1 million Yuan to aid the property counties in Guizhou

Donate 0.5 million Yuan to Jinzhou Red Cross to support the local people’s livelihood development

Donate 0.7 million Yuan to Quzhou Charity Federation to support the new rural construction of Western Zhejiang

Donate 2 million to the provincial and city societies for promotion of the Guangcai Program. The accumulated contribution was about 100 million in 2013

Established the 20 million intalment fund to support livelihood development in Yinzhou in 2016

Donated RMB 3 million to Ningbo Charity Federation in 2018 and supported the development of hometown 

 Donation for

Donate 1.5 million Yuan for the flood disaster in 1998

Donate nearly 8 million Yuan for Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2005

Donate more than 10 million Yuan for Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008

Donate over 7 million Yuan for Yushu Earthquake and over 1 million Yuan for Hainan Flood Disaster in 2010

Donate 5 million Yuan for Yaan’s earthquake-stricken areas and 5 million to those areas stricken by typhoon “Fitow”


Donated RMB 3 million to C.C.TAN Foundation in 2017

Donated RMB 2 million to establish the AUX Academician Fraternity Fund in 2017

Donated RMB 15 million to construct the Jiangshan Central Kindergarten AUX Branch in 2017

Donated NTD 20 million to Taiwan Changhua Christian Hospital for the promotion of medical research in 2016

Donated RMB 40 million to Zhejiang University for the promotion of education in 2015

Donated RMB 5 million to support the construction of Longguan Central Kindergarten in 2011

Donated nearly RMB 2 million to support the development of modern pentathlon in 2010

Donated RMB 1 million to support the Eighth National Para Games of China in 2010

Participated in the Rainbow Public Welfare Student Assistance Program for a successive 3 years from 2009 to 2012 

Originated the assistance program for students from Sichuan and donated RMB 1 million

Donated RMB 20 million to originate the establishment of Red Ribbon Love Home in 2004.

Donated RMB 1.05 million to support the reconstruction of Longguanxiang School and Honglong Primary School in 2001.

Environmental protection

Contribute 1.5 million Yuan to participate in “Forest Jinzhou”--- China’s Green and Low-Carbon Fund

Contribute over 2 million Yuan to grow green vegetation in Tiantong Temple of Ningbo and WenChang of Hainan

Contributed 10 million to the project of  “sewage treatment, flood control, storm drainage, water supply guarantee and water saving avocation” in 2017


Over the years, the corporation supported the development of the armed police, local traffic police, fire army, navy and PLA and such kind of national defense military cause.


Encourage and support the clients to pay back society through taking part in voluntary activities. The scale of clients’ voluntary service includes voluntary blood donation, social service and helping lonely elderly people and so on.