Cultural Concept
Organization culture
Create and lead smart life, cultivate outstanding talents
Develop AUX into a world brand
Precise, efficient, pragmatic, simple; opportunities come from performance
Core culture
A dream
Achieve value, take responsibility
Two basic rules
Handle all affairs as per economic value; handle all affairs based on justified reason
Three success factors
Learning is lifelong partner; time is precious asset; success needs relentless effort
Four focuses
Focus on customer demand; focus on problem exposure; focus on benchmark comparison; focus on leading product
Five methodological tools
Six-most, eight-method, WeChat group, meeting interaction, collective decision-making
Information collection is the most important, take-ism is the quickest, simple management is the most effective, methodological tool is the most useful, communication is the most reliable, noun definition is the most authoritative
size method, color method, shape method, position method, picture method, digital method, contrast method, association method
Strategic culture
1. Three strategies
Medical health, Internet intelligence, globalization
2. Three 10-billion projects
10-billion budgets, 10-billion talents, 10-billion IT
3. Five battles
Strategy, product innovation, IT, marketing, talent
Operation core
Two directions of “strategy and performance”
Two mainlines of “talent and culture”
Two enhancements of “execution and refinement”
Three 100% of “quality, innovation and service”
Four focuses of “customer, problem, benchmark and product”
Four information sources of “going global, borrowing brain, appointing consultant and using platform”
Five target elements of “target baseline, resource allocation & empowerment, standardized system, methodological tool and performance motivation”
Cultural genes
1. Wolf characters (perseverance, teamwork, performance rigidity, implementation)
2. Fair (transparent, sunny)
3. Educating people (learning, sharing, Class A, inheritance, meeting, project, two courseware, three weapons)
4. Tool (IT, whiteboard, PPT, data, benchmarking, case, six-most eight-method, WeChat group)
5. Noun (benchmark, unique, baseline, fundamental, principle, methodology, taking rate, zero clearing, re-distribution, restart, scene, body reduction, cutting, digging, pulling, releasing, gathering)
6. Efficient, pragmatic, simple
7. Two-handle all affairs (economic value, justified reason)