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New Campaign of OBM in Overseas Market by Adhering to Four Principles for Grass-roots Work - A Get-together in Iran and the Middle East


     On February 17th just after the Lantern Festival, the overseas business and technical teams embarked on a journey to prepare for five conferences for the launching of OBM of AUX in the Middle East during February and March. As of March 3rd, the Middle East Agents Conference themed "Creating the Future with AUX" in Dubai, as well as the Iran Distributors Conference, has successfully been held, indicating the start of a new strategic campaign of OBM in overseas market.
    Centering on the “3+2” guidance by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, AUX has positioned the OBM to a new strategic height. Through the sample making via “3+2” and the engergization of all staff, AUX set up its action policy at the end of 2021, that is, “Going Abroad by Taking the Initiate, Energizing Regular Customers while Developing New Customers”, thus fully analyze the customers and target market by making use of the “Three Approaches for Interpretation”, and set objectives accordingly. In addition, through the holding of OBM conferences, it energized customers, and achieved the goal of 43% year-on-year growth in sales of OBM products in overseas market.
    The Group has a comparatively low occupation in the Middle East market with great potential, and is weak in basis in terms of agents in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The bottleneck in Iran market is still to be broken. All these attached great importance to the holding of OBM conferences, which mark the breakthrough of OBM in the Middle East market in 2022, and the launch of new strategy for OBM in overseas market.    
    On one hand, we invited target customers to attend the conference, and encouraged regular customers to bring in new customers, thus made breakthrough in areas with no agent. On the other hand, by making strategic sharing of OBM, we specified the operation method, strengthened the engergization, and made concerted efforts with agents and distributors, thus expand the influence of OBM, attract more distributors to join in, and therefore achieve the expansion of the overall scale.     
    By persisting in “Product-based Marketing” and “Technology-based Marketing”, the two conferences mainly made introduction to the advantages of variable frequency, R32 coolants and Q series. E.g. by adopting the leading technology of vertical placement of controller of external machine, our products has advantages in terms of moisture proof, dust proof and anti-deformation, reducing the maintenance rate by 10%. In addition, the conference also made a comparative analysis with the advantages of performance of variable frequency air conditioner under high temperature weather in the Middle East. According to the conference, the the market occupation of AUX variable frequency air conditioner in the Middle East market is far below the average in the global market, which means the Middle East market still has a great potential to be developed. With leading frequency conversion technology in the industry and outstanding refrigeration performance in high temperature, AUX air conditioners are quite suitable for the high temperature working condition in the Middle East. According to the data comparison, the efficiency of competitive products dropped to 47% while the efficiency of AUX products remained at 54% under the outdoor temperature of 58℃, and the variable frequency performance of our products is 8% higher than the competitive products under the outdoor temperature of 60℃.
    Besides, the two conference also made introduction to three new products, namely the Q series, the Q-pro series and the Q-plus series. When introducing the Q series, eight improvement concerning the appearance, health, intelligence, reliability and efficiency, were emphasized. E.g. the production efficiency of 12KQ series is 50% higher than that of the competitive products, creating an additional value of RMB 1 million per year for SKD customers. The on-site demonstration of Q-plus high-end fresh air products was also highly praised by customers, resulting in high willingness to place orders. According to customers, these three series fully meet the demand for “Health and comfortableness” nowadays,   
    In the OBM conference in Dubai, Mr Ghaith, as an customer representative from Iraq, shared his feelings with other participants. According to him, this year, AUX has offered substantial support to agents in terms of products and policy. Through this conference, he has a clearer recognition and is more confident for cooperation with AUX in 2022. He believes that with the joint efforts of everyone, win-win results will be achieved.
    It can be concluded that the March and April are two months dominated by the overseas OBM of AUX. As the conference in Dubai came to an end, the overseas business and technical teams left Dubai and rushed to the next stop without stopping. Next, distribution conferences will be held in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The success of these two conferences greatly encouraged the teams to make progress in OBM conference in other regions. In the near future, 7 export sales conferences involving over 800 participants (person-time) will be held in 7 cities in ASEAN, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and America. Let’s look forward to it. 
    2022 is a year in which the Overseas Branch of AUX will pursue its higher goals. By centering on the implementation of “3+2” Strategy, persisting in the tenets of “customer oriented, product driven and and competitive products compared”, and by practicing the “Four Principles for Grass-roots Work” and the “Four Diligences and Three Responsibility Principles”, AUX will make arrangement in market actively, strengthen process management and take the initiative in taking steps, thus achieve success in both scale and profit.