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Confidence in Winning the Triumph of Globalization




On October 13, 2018, the 2019 AUX Global Summit was held in Sanya. Despite the impact of the international trade situation and the increased downside risks of the global economy, more than 300 clients from over 150 countries and regions attended the Summit, an increase of over 20% over the same period.

By adhering to the concept of “Take the Quality as the Footstone and the Innovation as the Soul”, AUX has increased its investment in R&D, upgraded its quality and continuously invested in the construction of new bases, thus to guarantee the growth against export difficulties. 


Keep the Mission of A Manufacturer in Mind


In pursuing the "storm eye", seeking capital expansion and advocating Internet+, manufacturing enterprises may forget that products are the essence of manufacturing industry. In the Summit, AUX highlighted its efforts in product innovation, quality improvement and delivery in recent years, which are the core needs of overseas clients.

In terms of products, AUX has consciously launched best-sellers in the world through increasing the R&D investment. By overcoming the industrial bottleneck in product innovation, simulation, frequency conversion, intelligent and reliability, it greatly improved the experience sense of consumers.  


In terms of quality, Leng Ling, president of AUX Home Appliances Group said that, AUX fully demonstrated its strong confidence in quality by announcing a 60-day unreasonable refund activity in the No. 1 Studio of the People's Daily; through the application of new materials, new technology and new craft, together with the world's leading test equipment, products of AUX have became a new quality benchmark in the industry.  



In terms of delivery period, it is shorted by 30% annually through the integration of intelligent devices and informatization. In recent years, AUX invested in Ningbo Smart Factory, Maanshan Base and Thailand Base, introduced high-quality suppliers, and constructed factories around. As a result, it is expected that AUX can realize amanufacturing capacity of 28 million sets in 2019.

Based on these efforts, the overseas team of AUX has achieved an annual growth over 40% in the past 15 years, an a doubled sales in 27 countriesin 2018. In addition, it is also ranked top three in 69 countries.  

Confidence in Winning the Triumph of Globalization


The international situation in 2018 is grim and changeable. The interweaving of exchange rate,tariff and energy efficiency upgrade, the high inventory and other factors has multiplied the pressure on global merchants. Facing such a grim global economic circumstance the overseas executive of AUX said that, they need to be adapted to the trend and take prompt action.

For instance, in the future, AUX will comprehensively analyze the market situation, sign agreements according to the fluctuation of exchange rate,introduce RMB in settlement to meet the exchange rate challenges,  speed up the delivery, enquiry in advance and hold dealer meetings as soon as possible, thus to enhance the efficiency of cooperation with clients.

Through the analysis of Gu Tangtang, vice president responsible for R&D, AUX did the right thing from 2012 to 2013, as it established its system and improved the standard; it did the harsh work from 2014 to 2015, as it provided better service for clients by centered on universalization, modularization and elaboration; and it has been dong the perfect work since 2017, which is to upgrade the products continuously in aspect of appearance, conform level and reliability, aiming at improving the experience of users.



Series of changes have laid the foreshadowing for the continuous improvement of global influence of the AUX brand. Take the Middle East region for example: AUX is currently the only air conditioner manufacturer to obtain the SASO Quality Certificate in Saudi Arabia, which lays a good foundation for its explosive growth inSaudi Arabia in the next year.

The H series released at the Summit realized upgrading in dimensions of appearance, comfort level, noise level, health and intelligent. Details in color, material, textile, design and seam are repetitively improved to make the appearance of products better.

In addition, the establishment of AUX R&D Institute Japan was officially announced at the Summit, which shows that the global layout of the Group is still steadily promoted by taking the product technology as the core.