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Outshining over 10,000 global brands, Aux walked away two Tmall TES prizes


 This may be the most vivid case of “overtaking” for Chinese air-conditioner brand: catching the first bus of IoT, Aux has stood out among more than 10,000 global brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Midea, Sony, Philips, as the only winner for two Tmall TES Summit prizes of “Annual Best User Experience Prize” and “Annual Best Popularity Brand Prize”.


(Tmall TES Summit Site)

Aux won the prize this time, to set a new record in the home appliance industry and since the launch of Tmall TES Summit. In recent years, the Chinese home appliance Aux has successfully changed its course, overtook on the air-conditioner market, and led the industry based on Internet era transformation and online e-commerce platform, with self-evolution of offline wholesale business innovation model, to break the inherent pattern of air-conditioning industry, and play a leading role in the new era.

Industrial experts pointed out that the current two wheels of Aux Air-conditioner overtaking are talent and popularity which coincide with the two prizes presented by the Tmall TES Summit, highlighting its transformation strategy recognized by market partners and consumers. However, the “fuel” for continuous overtaking, shifting gear and taking lead is Aux’s innovation and leading creation.

      Overtaking: quality talent and youth popularity

Tmall TES Summit is the largest business event of the electronics consumer industry, and 17,000 global 3C brands of home appliance compete on this platform. In 2017, these electronics consumer brands launched nearly 750,000 new products in Tmall. Aux stood out and walked away the “Annual Best Popularity Brand Prize” and the “Annual Best User Experience Prize” with its brilliant products and ultimate consumer experience.

Different from the general commercial retail giant summit award of “everyone has a share”, since its inception, Tmall TES Award has been very strict and valuable, basically relying on consumer purchase data and user reputation. Through the winner list of this year’s TES Summit, we know: In addition to Aux, there are also Midea, Haier, Huawei, Xiaomi and Philips winning the “Annual Best Popularity Brand Prize”, while only three won the TES “Annual Best User Experience Prize”, namely Aux, OPPO and Puppy Appliance.


(Onsite Announcement of TES Annual Best Popularity Brand Prize)

Aux which won the Best User Experience Prize also received an extra real “Million Red Envelop” from Ali -- 1 Million Ali Mather Bonus, plus a Tmall “Homepage Top” benefit, reflecting the “golden value” of TES Summit Award, and this absolutely lies in the “real kungfu” of Aux Air-conditioner.


(Onsite Announcement of TES Annual Best User Experience Prize)

In retrospect of the cooperation between Aux and Tmall, since 2014, Aux has been the earliest customization partner of Tmall in the industry, which is known as early start, fast action and new mode; in 2015, according to Tmall’s big data statistics, Aux customized and developed a special inverter air-conditioner, and sprint to become No.1 in the industry; after 2017, in the products sold on Aux Tmall platform, customized products accounted for more than 75%. From 2014 until now, Aux has ranked first in the Tmall air-conditioner category, for either sales amount or sales volume. In 2018, Aux and Tmall signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and both parties confirmed to speed up the cooperation, and achieve the target of 10 billion.

In fact, it is inevitable for Aux to create “ingenuous new product” and prove “quality talent” by virtue of technical innovation. Whether it is the small waist design, the astonishing online AHA series, the NFI series with 10W+ thumbs-up, the aesthetic new model of 2018 new product “Venus”, or the upcoming Tmall Elf’s customized IoT air-conditioner “Senyu” hang-up series to be launched during 618 in 2018, all of them show Aux leading the consumption trend with differentiated top product and quality talent.

Especially in terms of marketing, from the Aux Pink Festival thrilling young users to the Little Aux IP Movie popular among fans, from “pan-entertainment” cross-border star marketing to the “pan fashion” product fashion design revolution, Aux’s innovative marketing has impressed the industry once and once again.

New PH value of air-conditioner: new IoT scenario

“Never apply the old success experience directly to the new ecosystem without change, because the PH value in new pool is different, the oxygen in the air is also different.” This new pool is the new scenario of IoT.  

Shouting “Tmall Elf, the air-conditioner is adjusted to a comfortable state”, the Tmall’s customized Aux Air-conditioner “Senyu” to be launched during 618 in 2018 can automatically adjust the temperature to the most suitable state, as per the human body temperature, which is only one scenario for tens of millions of users.

“Senyu” focuses on calm, healthy and intelligent, to meet user’s demand for comfort, as a key project supported by Tmall IoT strategy. Aux has become the first brand highly integrated with Tmall Elf project in the entire air-conditioning industry. Undoubtedly, Aux took the first bus of air-conditioning IoT scenario application. 

Since Tmall IoT Business Department was established at the end of last year, Tmall Elf as the intelligent hub has fully deployed the whole-house smart home appliance sector, and such leading brands as Aux, Midea and Gree have connected with the Tmall Elf, to firstly bring interconnected whole-house smart era into people’s lives.

“Through the big data of Tmall platform, we can not only discover the performance needs of mainstream consumers, but also figure out the scenario requests of mainstream users.” The relevant head of Aux admitted that the mainstream consumers of Aux brand are born in 1990s, so individualization, customization and intelligence can better meet the needs of young people.

So far, Aux has penetrated into cooperation with e-commerce platform; acquiring user portraits from the big data platform has also inspired Aux’s reverse supply, to integrate technology, product, brand with Internet technology, information technology and electronic technology, and create new PH value of air-conditioning industry.

According to the home appliance personnel, not sticking to old rule in technology, not limited by empiricism in product and not succumbing to obsolescence in marketing, Aux is one of the youngest and most fashionable brands with attitude in the air-conditioning industry. Nowadays, Aux outshone to walk away the TES Best Popularity Prize and Best Experience Prize, which not only shows Aux is the most fashionable and youngest brand in the home appliance industry, but also indicates that Aux has successfully overtook, gradually made success, and secured the first-class brand position in air-conditioning industry.