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Great Achievements Come from Quality & Innovation: Merchants and Visitors Attracted by Aux Exhibition at the 126th China Import and Export Fair


As Aux 2020 Global Summit still continued its influence, the 126th China Import and Export Fair, known as the “Barometer of Foreign Trade” of China, was held successfully on schedule on October 15th in Guangzhou. 
As a regular exhibitor having participated all previous sessions of the China Import and Export Fair, Aux had also brought the new image of its exhibition hall: Aux exhibition hall with simple but elegant white and blue tones displayed its eye-catching design. Different from previous sessions, ultra wide and long HD electronic screens were used in the first and second floors of Aux exhibition hall, which could both attract the audience to stop in our exhibition hall by extreme visual experience and display the elegant curve design, product features and superior performance of Aux exquisite air conditioners via a series of short films and pictures.
A great variety of air conditioning products shined like diamonds, and won the admiration of overseas merchants, they all took out their cameras to shoot their favorite products, and couldn’t wait to start trade negotiations. And Aux has become the synonym of "excellent air conditioner" in the deep minds of these merchants. In the negotiation areas on the first floor and the second floor, all seats were occupied, which fully reflected the high recognition of overseas merchants for Aux products, and also showed the achievements made by Aux on adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "Quality being the foundation, Innovation being the soul” in recent years.
Profession & Trustworthiness Based on the Principle of “Focusing on Products and Proficient in Quality”
The leaping development achieved by Aux in recent years cannot be separated from its fine casting products, the constant pursuit for perfection of quality and the investment in R & D.
In recent years, Aux has invested more than RMB 3 billion in quality innovation, with 8,911 patents applied and 5,437 obtained, and the number of its patent applications keeps increasing by more than 50% every year. Also, Aux possesses a number of international leading technologies, such as multiple objective control of compressor, independent control of field current, and so on. It is precisely the continuous investment in quality innovation that makes Aux become an enterprise that has won the "Quality Benchmark Award" of China air conditioning industry for five consecutive years. In 2018, Aux also achieved and maintained its No. 1 position in terms of online sales, growth rate and praise rate in China, firmly occupied the first brand of Internet air conditioning sales, and was the only company in the industry that promised consumers with “free for return after 60 days of use of primary energy efficiency products”.
Full Speed Propulsion of Internationalization Based on Innovations in R & D and Intelligent Manufacturing
By virtue of 25 years of experience in professional refrigeration, Aux has become one of the top three brands in China air conditioning industry, but never slows down its professional pursuit, instead, it insists on R & D and intelligent manufacturing innovation to accelerate the pace of global layout strategy. Especially in 2019, the whole industry witnessed the implementation of innovative concept by Aux and its great courage and resolution of planning overseas layout for global development.
With multiple technical advantages, such as frequency conversion technology, intelligent control, industrial design and CFD analysis possessed, the Japanese R & D center, established in March, will make efforts in multiple fields such as intelligence, frequency conversion and energy saving to develop new air conditioning products for overseas customers. Japan R & D center will not only widely apply international sophisticated technologies to promote the overall upgrading of quality, but also improve the timeliness and reliability of overseas product R & D to create market leading and highly competitive terminal products for customers.
In August, the roof sealing of the manufacturing base in Thailand was completed. So far, Aux has ten manufacturing bases built all over the world. After putting into operation, the manufacturing base in Thailand will make comprehensive upgrading in such five aspects as intelligent equipment, automatic production, IT management, digital decision-making and three-dimensional logistics, which will increase the per capita production capacity by 30%, and shorten the product delivery period by 30%.
Merchants & Traders Attracted by Resplendent Aux Top Quality Products
On this platform with strength of international brands highlighted, Aux delivers its design concept of "Leading intelligent life" to the audience on the exhibition in an all-round way by exhibition of dozens of products represented by J-smart, Halo and K-split series.
The sales volume of J-smart air conditioner, which won the IF design award, has been continuously increasing, with demand exceeding supply, in only one year since its launch. This series has two technological innovations: sensitive sensitivity and PM2.5 elimination, its assembly efficiency is also 30% higher than that of ordinary products, and it is easy to maintain, making it the most eye-catching product series in this exhibition. 
Based on strong R & D technical support, innovation promotion and penetration, K-split new series products have achieved another comprehensive upgrade of brand, quality and technology. Through the use of two-color injection molding and precision carving process in micron mold, it realizes the ultimate aesthetics of Swan flying modeling. It only takes 60 seconds to disassemble and clean. And the IP68 waterproof technology applied in air duct parts makes it possible to be washed by water. Also, with other functions like self-cleaning function of heat exchanger fins, voice interaction and WeChat app control, intelligent comfort wind function, a more convenient and comfortable experience is provided for life.
From products to products with top quality, from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, Aux has always been adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "Quality being the foundation, Innovation being the soul”, and maintaining its original intention to create the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
In the future, in order to become the most valuable partner, and at the same time, under the guidance of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Aux will unswervingly to implement its layout of global intellectual manufacturing bases to strengthen research and development, improve quality, upgrade products and shorten the delivery period, and be committed to creating values for users with better products and services, sharing development and achieving win-win future with global customers.