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Aux maintains on the List of Most Valuable Chinese Brands, and air-conditioner brand value hits a record high


 On June 22, the World Brand Lab released the list of 2017 Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands, and Aux was involved as a home appliance company, with the single-category brand value of RMB 16.518 billion, ranking Top 10 on the industrial list with Haier, Changhong, Gree, Midea, etc.

Since 2016, Aux has made active exploration on the road of public welfare brand building, and returned to the society: donated 20 million to the Yinzhou District Charity Federation to set up company-named fund, donated NT$ 20 million to Taiwan Changhua Christian Hospital to boost medical research, donated RMB 15 million to Yinzhou District Jiangshan Town to build the kindergarten, and the total donation amounted to RMB 265 million in terms of poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education care, environmental protection, medical assistance, etc.

While fulfilling social responsibilities, since founded 23 years ago, the affiliated Aux Air-conditioner, as a national brand, has insisted on quality-based business and innovative R&D, put customer demands on top priority, provided customers with high-quality products and excellent services, continuously promoted upgrading of quality, product, service and brand. In recent years, it has invested more than 1 billion to upgrade and renew products, improve quality and efficiency with automation, intelligence and information, and enhance product competitiveness with new process, new technology and new material.


Supported by brand  Aux Air-conditioner maintains strong growth momentum

“Quality-focused ingenuous technology and continuous innovation”, Aux Air-conditioner has accomplished comprehensive integration of “brand cohesion, product competitiveness, marketing power, service perception and public influence”, and finally gained respect from rivals and consumers. Behind the continuous increase in brand value, the public reinforced appreciation and recognition on the Aux brand, to bring direct benefits to terminal sales.

The monitoring data of China’s most professional and authoritative industrial chain research and information service platform China shows: from January to May 2017, the cumulative domestic sales growth rate of Aux Air-conditioner continuously maintained a high average of 85% and No.1 among the first-class brands of the same sector, and it is expected to complete last year’s scale in the first half of this year in advance.

Because Aux has been committed to the vision of building a world brand, plus its achievements in corporate brand building, the World Brand Lab continuously attached importance to it and acknowledged it.

It is reported that as one of the five most authoritative brand evaluation agencies worldwide, the World Brand Lab has compiled and released the list of Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brandsfor 14 consecutive years. On the list this year, brand companies of State Grid, Tencent and Haier ranked Top 3.


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