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AUX's 4 Billion New Energy Project Settles in Ningbo


Wang Zhaobo, Director and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ningbo Qianwan New Area Administration Commission, and Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group, attended and witnessed the signing of the contract. Cai Shijie, Deputy Director and Member of the Party Working Committee of Ningbo Qianwan New Area Administration Commission, and Li Jian, Executive President of AUX Group, attended the signing event.

Picture: Signing ceremony


As an important strategic project of AUX Group, this project aims to develop and produce 32,000 sets of new energy box-type substations and 10 GWh energy storage system equipment annually, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan and a total area of 336,667 m2[A1] . After the project is completed, its annual output value will reach 10 billion yuan.


In 2023, AUX Group achieved good performance through a series of measures such as strategic innovation, management change, and overseas expansion. This project cooperation will fully leverage the industry advantages, technological advantages, and manufacturing advantages of AUX, continuously deepen the depth and breadth of cooperation with Qianwan New Area, strive to build a benchmark factory in the industry, and promote the vigorous development of the new energy industry in Ningbo.


As a local enterprise in Ningbo, AUX always insists on rooting in Ningbo, expanding globally, and focusing on business operations. Focusing on core development key factors such as location advantages, industrial chain support, and operating costs, under the guidance of globalization strategy, AUX strengthens its domestic and international layout, adhering to high-quality development, and striving to become a world-class enterprise.