Company Concept


Create and lead smart life, cultivate outstanding talents.


Develop AUX into a world brand.


Precise, efficient, pragmatic, simple.
Opportunities come from performance.

Core culture

One dream 
realize values, take responsibilities
Three “All”
all subject to economic value,all based on reasonability,all work is performed per two “high” with no mistakes
Three success factors 
Learning is a lifelong companion.
Time is valuable wealth. 
Success needs perseverance.
Four cores
customer needs,. 
exposed problems. 
leading products.
Five methodologies and tools 
five nouns, six ‘top’eleven methods, DingTalk group, interaction at meetings, collective decision making
Information collection is the most important, take-ism is the quickest, simple management is the most effective, methodological tool is the most useful, communication is the most reliable, noun definition is the most authoritative
size method, color method, shape method, position method, picture method, digital method, contrast method, association method,identification method, symbolic methond,sequential method


Strategic culture

1. Three strategies
Medical health, Internet intelligence, globalization

2. Three Innovation
Strategic innovation,Product Innovation, Management innovation(talent,Process IT,mechanism)

Operation core

Two directions of “strategy and performance”
Two mainlines of “talent and culture”
Two enhancements of “execution and refinement”
Four focuses of “customer, problem, benchmark and product”
Four information sources of “going global, borrowing brain, appointing consultant and using platform”
Five target elements of “Target baseline,Resource allocation & Empowerment, Standardized system, Methodological tool and Performance motivation”